• Take off cellophane and discard
• Place rack in middle of oven. Preheat to 450°
• Slide the pizza and parchment paper into oven,
using cardboard round as support
(DO NOT put cardboard in oven)

• Bake for about 9 minutes (longer for crispier).
Check it often after 4 minutes
• Pizza is ready when the cheese is melted and
crust edge is golden brown (Parchment paper
WILL get brown as it bakes – this is normal)

• Grab the edge of the parchment paper
(use oven mitts or tongs) Slide pizza back onto the cardboard round to take it out of the oven
• Cut once down the middle, then 4 times the other way
to get 10 pieces as shown in the diagram:

• Serve and enjoy!

Our pizzas are made fresh – It’s best if you bake them on the day you get them (If you can resist eating them immediately, you CAN refrigerate them up to 48 hrs.)

The parchment paper DOES go into the oven with the pizza (and will turn brown), but make sure you DON’T put the CARDBOARD ROUND in the oven!